Step 1


Opening an account with the CDS


To start Trading you need to open a Securities Account with the CDS (Central Depository System)

Download and print CDS forms*


Step 2


Opening an account with FIRST GUARDIAN EQUITIES (Pvt) Ltd.

Download and print FGE forms*


*Both forms are available at FIRST GUARDIAN EQUITIES (Pvt) Ltd.,Level 32, East Tower, World Trade Centre, Colombo 1, Sri Lanka


Step 3


Fill the above forms

Attach a photocopy of both sides of your National Identity Card or Passport (page with the photograph)

Forward completed original documents to FIRST GUARDIAN EQUITIES (Pvt) Ltd., Level 32, East Tower, World Trade Centre, Colombo 1, Sri Lanka. (Fax copies are not accepted by the Colombo Stock Exchange)


Step 4


FIRST GUARDIAN EQUITIES would open a CDS Account at the CSE and send an e-mail with the CDS account number

Complete the On-Line Trading Application Form and E-mail it back.


Step 5


Go to the Commercial Bank Internet Banking site and transfer funds from your account to the account of FIRST GUARDIAN EQUITIES (Pvt) Ltd, to pay for share investments.


Forward a cheque to the Accounts Division of FIRST GUARDIAN EQUITIES.

Overseas clients will be required to open a SIERA (Share Investment External Rupee Account) with HSBC Colombo

Once an initial cash deposit of Rs. 100,000 is made or stocks worth Rs. 250,000 are deposited at FIRST GUARDIAN EQUITIES (Pvt) Ltd you would get an e-mail stating your on-line share trading Login name and Password. You should change the password immediately upon receipt for security reasons.